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Herrmidifier 265000-001 Mister Mini Humidifier

SKU#: 265000001
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Product Description

Herrmidifier 265000-001 Mister Mini Humidifier.

Whole house humidifier, manufactured by Herrmidifier Corp. The Model Mister-Mini Atomizing humidifier installs in the supply plenum of your gas furnace. This item does not include a 24v transformer if your installation requires one. A 24V transformer is available separately from us.

The manufacturer is sometimes referred to as Trion, Fedders, Hermidifier but is correctly spelled Herrmidifier.

Product Reviews

Add your review of this product Global rating: 4.33 from 3 reviews
Jan 24, 2015
General Manager by Mike Garrison (Murray Ky US)

Easy Installation, with no customer complaints

Nov 10, 2014
Home owner by Tom Verderber (Garden City Ne US)

The delivery took approximately 5 days. However, when I hooked up the humidifier it did not work. Turns out the solenoid was defective. Spoke to a tech guy there who was really helpful in diagnosing the problem and said he'd have the item delivered on Wednesday. Got the part on Friday, but it worked. I'd definitely do business with you again. Thanks, Tom

Dec 29, 2013
Awesome product - especially for smaller spaces! by Benjamin Chernivsky (Woodridge IL US)

I was trying to install a conventional whole house humidifier in my 1350 square foot town home. When I received my Aprilaire 500M it didn't fit into my very small furnace closet - an AC hose and some furnace ventilation got in the way of where I needed to install it. There wasn't enough room for the opening to fit comfortably either. I'm actually really happy that my original option didn't fit. I jumped on Google and searched for a "mini whole house humidifier," and seriously the only thing that came up was the Mister Mini - not a single other solution - but also no user reviews to find for it either! All conventional whole house humidifiers are huge! This little sucker is only about 4x4-inches. Anyway, I was a bit hesitant to install it because it's basically a direct spray of water, hosed directly into your furnace! If anything goes wrong you basically have a water fountain running in your furnace. I also only found one very basic review of this thing - an online professional who claimed to install a ton of these into homes, and he said he really loved the size and simplicity of it. This is the second and updated model manufactured by Herrmidifier. It has 3 safety features before it opens a fine mist of water into your furnace. 1) your furnace blower fan needs to be one, 2) the humidity level in your home needs to be below the level that the included humidistat detects, and 3) your furnace needs to be running at 120 degrees F or higher. So this made me feel a bit better - it's nice to have all of these features preventing it from running without the heat on. Another nice feature: It doesn't require a drain. The fine mist of water simply evaporates from the heat of your furnace. You'll need to purchase a 120-24V transformer and your basic 1/4" saddle valve, unless you have another 1/4" cold water access. The installation is pretty basic and well laid out. I did need the help from my brother who is a handy-man. It took us about 3 hours to install. Okay - so it's been running really well since we installed it! Our home is at 46% humidity and it's the end of December. I guess the test of time will be through the year - the driest months are January and February.


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