The Trion 4000 series is a wholehouse humidifier designed to be attached to your furnace ductwork. The Trion 4000 is a 120V humidifier and the 4000C is a 24V unit. Model 4000 Bypass Humidifier was designed with ease of service in mind. Installed on the warm air plenum or return duct of a forced air furnace. This model constantly flushes away trouble causing minerals not deposited on the replaceable humidifier filter and provides exactly the right amount of moisture in vapor form. Has 6 bypass duct collar that is switchable to either side. This model is also known as the model 4000C.


Annual maintenance on the Trion 4000 series humidifier consists of replacing the humidifier filter pad and washing out the rest of the humidifier.


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Manufacturer Herrmidifier
Product Type Replacement Part




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